Thursday, May 08, 2008

Red Wings vs Stars

Red Wings/Stars

The Dallas Stars get into early penalty trouble, and the 'Wings take advantage. The Red Wings score first during a 5 on 3 power play at 4:28 into the game. More penalty trouble, and another power play goal for the 'Wings at 15:34. The Stars have put themselves into a bit of a hole, but they are known for climbing out of holes like this. I believe that both goals were scored while Jere Lehtinen was off the ice getting a cut sewed up.

The Stars are missing Stu Barnes. He needs to get better quick.

Update: End of the Second Period. Red Wings 4, Stars 1.

Total shots on goal: Red Wings 25, Stars 15.

They are out shooting us, and Chris Osgood has made some outstanding saves on the shots we have gotten through.

The 'Wings have scored two this period. The first on a power play, the second 5 on 5.

The period did end on a high note. The Stars had three very strong shifts and ended up with a goal 5 on 5 at 18:53 into the Second. Going into the locker room with a goal is a good thing.

Marty is not at his best. He has made a couple magnificent saves, but allowing four goals makes it hard for your offense to win a game. Granted, he has been hung out to dry by the Stars defense a time or two.

Zetterberg with the puck

It's going to be a great Third Period. Go Stars!

Update: The third period was once again the Stars best of the game. Shots on goal were even, and the Stars picked up the pace on hitting.

Red Wings win, 4/1.

The Red Wings were my favorite team for nearly 20 years. But since I have watched pretty much every Stars game for the last 8+ years, I have grown quite fond of them. They can do better than they did tonight, and I am sure they will. Win or lose, this is some great hockey.

I do have a request for the Red Wings. Aaron Downey played an important role on your way to the cup. Let him get in on at least one game during the playoffs, he deserves it.

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