Friday, March 06, 2009

13 Days to Glory

From February 22nd.

Today and this evening in San Antonio, 173 years ago, the Texican rebels holding San Antonio threw a big fandango, (drunk and dance) celebrating the birthday of George Washington. Most of the rebels were staying in San Antonio and few in the Alamo Mission itself. By all accounts it was a hell of a party. Crockett, Travis, Bowie and lots of folks from distant places.

Santa Anna had dispatched a cavalry unit to attack the town in the early hours of the 23rd, but rain, muddy roads and a swollen Medina River held them up. They would have caught the Texicans sleeping it off.

The next day there was a rumor that Santa Anna himself attended the fandango to spy on the rebels.

It was a Monday, in 1836.
Thus begins Robert's series covering the 13 days of the Siege of the Alamo.

Day One, The Mexican Army Arrives.

Day Two: Shoes, Cannon, Corn and a Recon.

Day Three: Love and War in La Villita.

Day Four: Wood, Water and Blood.

Day Five: Cannonball Stew.

Day Six: Campfire stories.

Day Seven: The Hard Passage of Secundino Alvarez.

Day Eight: Gonzales rides in.

Day Nine: Independence.

Day Ten: Long Rifles.

Day Eleven: Encirclement

Day Twelve: The Plan is set.

Day Thirteen: Deguello.

All I can say is, very well done Robert.

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