Monday, March 09, 2009

Trolls are Fun

Just got this comment to my post "Contacting the Senate Judiciary Committee on Eric Holder, I'm Making it Easy For You"

Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving me all that useful info on how to contact the Judiciary members. I wanted to thank them for approving Mr. Holder as Attorney General and encourage them, and him, to get guns of the street, give the death penalty to anyone with an assault weapon, to anyone who gives a gun to a minor, and to charge the NRA with terrorism. You made it SO EASY for me to do this - just cut & paste!

Now y'all go back to shooting each other & in-breeding, ya hear?!
It has been awhile since I've had a troll comment like this and I got a good laugh out of it.

I didn't beat him up to bad in my reply, didn't want to hurt his delicate sensibilities.

Hey Anon, thanks for stopping by.

You really are awful cute, why hide behind the anon tag. Why not man up enough to at least come up with some sort of identity so we don’t confuse who you are with all the other trolls out there typing comments from a computer paid for by their mommies..

I happen to own firearms that you might wrongly consider "assault weapons", and I have taught many children to shoot.

I guess that means you would like to see me dead. It is a funny thing that many of you who wish to disarm law abiding gun owners are much more prone to violent thoughts and fantasies than those who you wish to disarm. You just don't seem right in the head son, maybe you should seek out some counseling.

Just a thought.

Oh, thanks for giving me an idea for a post. Hit the home page to see what folks think of you and your statements.
Anon, you really made my day. Thanks


Anonymous said...

Typical ill-informed leftist living in a fantasy utopia of unicorns running through fields of flowers. Reminds me of the idiot that I know that gave me a constant hardtime for owning a Hummer. Then one day when the street flooded out guess who called for a ride?

Anonymous said...

The left loves to talk about peace and freedom and equity... and will gladly kill, enslave and steal to prove just how important it is to them.


TexasFred said...

LMAO @ the Anon moonbat...

Newbius said...

I must not be inflammatory enough yet...I still don't get any trolls and I have been using my best troll bait!

I guess the fact that I only have around 12 readers total (including family!) might have something to do with it. :)



Old NFO said...

Moonbats are just plain nuts- They point to us and say we are losers, clingers, and nuts for owning those EEVILLL guns, but they are the ones talking all the time about killing us... sigh...