Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Firearm Related Bills That Should be Opposed This Legislative Session

There are only a few firearms related bills in this Texas legislative session that I am actively opposing. Conspicuous by their absence are bills to limit handgun purchases and close the misrepresented "Gun Show Loophole". I have to wonder if Rep. Yvonne Davis has decided that exercises in futility are indeed futile? Or has she decided that this type of legislation will get more traction on the federal level?

Here are the bills that I am actively opposing:

HB760 / SB2345 An act relating to county regulation of sound levels; providing a criminal penalty. These bills are similar to HB 736 which is a bill "Relating to authorizing county regulation of nuisances and disorderly conduct". I spoke about HB 736 here. These bills will make it easier for antis to shut down shooting ranges and criminalize shooting on ones own property, no matter how much acreage is owned. All that would be needed is one person to file a complaint. These three bills need to be opposed. HB760 and SB2345 are not as onerous as HB736. As written, they regulate noise levels between the hours of 10:00PM and 6:00AM. If these bills become law, the regulated time can be easily expanded. If you decide to contact your representatives about these bills, it may be a good idea to let them know that you are against any statewide legislation concerning noise levels in unincorporated areas of any county. Other bills that seek to regulate noise levels in unincorporated areas are HB1119, HB1507, and SB1893.

HB1164 / SB651: An act relating to restrictions on the use of a stun gun; providing certain criminal penalties and defenses to prosecution. These bills would require an individual to obtain a license similar to a CHL in order to carry or use a stun gun. Other than being stupid, this kind of law would significantly increase the workload on DPS and further delay the processing of Concealed Handgun Licenses. SB94 is a similar bill that would criminalize having a stun gun in your own home with out a license. These bills are nanny state stupidity that, if passed, will end up costing the tax payer many thousands of dollars to support the expanded bureaucracy necessary to issue and keep track of these licenses.

That is pretty much it for this legislative session. Not much to get under my craw. HB1395 is a PETA sponsored bill that is not getting much traction, but should be opposed on general principal. This bill could significantly affect hunters.

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