Tuesday, March 03, 2009

More on States Rights

Last week I commented on two house resolutions that have been written to assert Texas' rights under the 9th and 10th Amendments to the Constitution.

Concerned Citizen of Judging Truth has expanded on this topic with:

Head on over and give it a read.


Concerned Citizen said...

Thanks for the link, I hope I did the topic justice.

JD said...

Hey, when you folks finally break away from the US would someone send me an application for citizenship?


commoncents said...

Great post and nice site!

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W W Woodward said...

Here's a bill (see link below to pdf of bill's text) filed in the Texas Legislature earlier today that, if passed, will tell the Feds to butt out of Texas' business as far as fire arms manufactured in-state are concerned. The Feds shouldn't be empowered to use the commerce clause to restrict Texans' gun rights.

HB 1863 Author: Leo Berman - District 6 - Tyler, Texas area
Last Action: 03/04/2009
H Referred to Public Safety
Caption: Relating to exempting the intrastate manufacture of a firearm, a firearm accessory, or ammunition from federal regulation.


Maybe Texans have begun electing representatives with the balls to tell the feds to stay out of our business. Rep. Berman also authored HCR 66 referenced in your last week’s blog.

Texans, contact your elected representatives and ask them to sign on with Rep Berman's bill.

John R said...

W.W., thanks for the heads up. I will post a bit on Rep. Berman's bills after I hear back from his office. Hopefully he will be interested in chatting about the background of these bills.