Monday, March 09, 2009

David has...

...a few Random Political Thoughts that are worth your while reading.

David's blog "The War on Guns", and his column as the "National Gun Rights Examiner" are two of my daily reads. David is an important voice in educating folks on our rights, especially our right to keep and bear arms. I learn a lot from David and he helps to keep me focused and committed.

That being said, I don't always agree with what he says. Heck, I don't always agree with V, and I love her with all that I am. Disagreement is not a bad thing.

Case in point.

When David states:
Another of the nominees has publicly stated he would arrest an otherwise peaceable person who he discovered was carrying concealed without a permit. One can only wonder if he would do this on an individual level what his professional response to a general confiscation order would be.
He is talking about Joseph DeBergalis, a man I have endorsed for the NRA Board of Directors. While Joe has stated that he would arrest someone who walked up to him and revealed that he was illegally carrying a firearm in New York, he has also worked to change the laws and try to make it easier to folks to get a concealed carry permit in that state. The State of NY has an AWB, Joe strives to overturn that ban. Joe enforces the laws of the state while working to change the laws that infringe upon our rights. I find him to be an honorable man, and a man who I would like to see on the NRA Board of Directors.

Our disagreement on who should be on the NRA Board of Directors is not the most important part of David's post on Random Political Thoughts. In this post David comments on the NRA amendment to the unconstitutional bill giving DC a House vote. Give David's post a read and come on back for comment. I am interested in seeing what you have to say.


Anonymous said...

I've been watching the District of Columbia House Voting Rights Act of 2009 closely because Senator Orrin Hatch, one of my congress critters, is pushing the bill heavily because it would create a 4th House seat for Utah.

I'm still out on whether or not I feel that the bill is Constitutionally valid, and here is why: Hatch makes a good argument. Here is a link to an essay that Hatch wrote in 2005

Read it to see his argument. My personal feeling is if the Founders wanted DC residents to have representation in the House, they'd have fixed the problem in 1789.

As for the NRA putting pressure on Blue Dogs by threatening their rating, I think there are better ways to beat this bill.

Anonymous said...

I have a problem with any gun laws.
"Shall not be infringed" is a statement that cannot be twisted,
even by lawyer weasel speak.
I notice REASONABLE gun laws, or
REASONABLE laws of any sort are still abused by the politically
correct establishment. We cannot allow these types of laws to be passed or be fools who believe they
will be reasonably enforced. PAUL