Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March 13th Has Come and Gone

So what does that mean for Texans?

March 13th was the last day to file new bills for consideration during the current legislative session. That is it folks, what's on the table is what we have to work with.

Here are the bills that I am actively supporting, and their status so far as I know it.

HB267 / SB1188: An act relating to the interstate purchase of certain firearms.

The NICS has been rejecting out of state long gun purchases for Texans when the transaction was in a state that was not "contiguous" to Texas. In other words I could purchase a rifle from an FFL in Arkansas, but not Kansas. This is due to a poorly written Texas statute. These bills rectify that situation.

HB 267 is in the Public Safety Committee and SB 1188 is in the Criminal Justice Committee.

HB1020: An act relating to the use, exhibition, or possession of a firearm by public school students participating in certain school-sponsored programs and activities sponsored or supported by the Parks and Wildlife Department.

I have previously mentioned HB 1020 here. This bill would open the door to once again allow public school sponsored shooting sports in Texas. The fact that there is no companion senate bill does not bode well for this bill. Getting this bill passed would take one heck of a lot of public support.

HB 1020 is in the Public Education Committee.

HB1301 / SB730: An act relating to an employee ’s transportation and storage of certain firearms or ammunition while on certain property owned or controlled by the employee ’s employer.

In other words, the Employer Parking Lot bills. My most recent thoughts on SB 730 can be found here. A more in depth explanation of why I believe that employers do not have the right to restrict firearm possession in employee vehicles parked parked on company parking lots can be found here.

HB 1301 is in the Public Safety Committee. SB 730 has been considered in public hearing in the Criminal Justice Committee. SB 730 is currently "Pending in Committee".

HB1644 / SB1236: An act relating to admonishments given to a person charged with a misdemeanor.

These bills would require that an individual charged with a domestic violence crime be informed that if he or she pleads guilty or is convicted of a domestic violence crime, they will lose their right to keep and bear arms (not much strength in this "right" if it can so easily be taken away). Many folks don't understand that if they are convicted of a family violence misdemeanor, they will loose their ability to legally purchase or own firearms. Informing them of this fact is the right thing to do.

HB 1644 is in the Criminal Jurisprudence Committee. SB 1236 is in the Criminal Justice Committee.

HB1893 / SB 1236: An Act relating to the carrying of concealed handguns on the campuses of institutions of higher education.

These are the the campus-carry bills. These are likely the most important bills on the table this year. For more information on these bills, you can look at the Texas Campus Carry Study or Texas Campus-Carry Bills Have Been Filed.

HB 1893 is in the Public Safety Committee. SB 1236 is in the State Affairs Committee.

HB3684: An act relating to the carrying of a handgun by a disabled person.

This bill would allow an individual with a disability that prevents them from effectively concealing a firearm to open carry that firearm. A CHL is still required. This is an outstanding piece of legislation and I sincerely hope it gets much more coverage than it has.

HB 3684 has not yet been assigned to committee.

HCR76: A resolution memorializing Congress in defense of the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, affirming the right of states to nullify acts of Congress, executive orders, and judicial orders, and calling for the creation of a joint committee to communicate with other states about the limits of federal power.

This is probably my favorite piece of legislation this year. Go ahead, give it a read.

HCR 76 is in the State Affairs Committee.

There is more good firearms related legislation out there. These are the bills that I am currently actively supporting. I have not had time to study all the bills very throughoutly, when I do I may add more to this list.

I will write a post on bills I am actively opposing, then one on bills that I feel you should know about so you can decide if you want to take an active stand supporting or opposing them.


Don said...

Have y'all not discovered the joys of shell bills down there? I envy you.

Old NFO said...

Good news for gunowners- Too bad other states are not this common sense!

Unknown said...

I am a high school teacher in East Texas. I would love to sponsor on my campus either a skeet or another form of shooting team. I presently have one of my students who has taken time off to shoot this week at Ft Benning, GA with the US Olympic team. ( She is smart enough she will catch up on her classwork and still make an "A" for the grading period.)

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

lucky yawl

Anonymous said...

Very lucky!

JT said...

JR, I'm disappointed that I had to read this story re: the unanimous passage of the employer parking lot bills from somewhere other than here!

John R said...

You are right to be disapointed JT, I'm slacking.