Friday, February 22, 2013

James D. Julia Extraordinary Firearms Auction

The online auction catalogs for the Spring James D. Julia Extraordinary Firearms Auction are now available.  The hard copy of catalog 1 has arrived on my front step and it is pretty much 1 full inch thick.  I have many hours of viewing, and reading about, fine firearms ahead of me.

The online catalog for Session 1 is here, and the catalog for Session 2 is here.  I have to warn you, once you start browsing you will be there for a good while.

Here are a few items I have found interesting in my short time looking over the inventory. 

It is so hard to choose what to highlight out of this auction.

How about this very early Take Down Model 94 with a case hardened receiver?

Or this Model 1886 Saddle Ring Carbine chambered in the hard hitting Cal.50-100-450?

Like your lever action with a bit of fancy? Check out this nicely engraved, inlaid and carved Winchester Model 1886 Deluxe in 45-70.  Even the screw heads have nice detail.

Living in Texas, I need a good Bar B Cue gun.  Think V will let me bid on this one?

That Ox head on those ivory grips has ruby eyes. This gun was shipped in November of 1887 and would look great mounted on my hip.

More interested in assault type rifles?  Here is a Confederate Lemat Percussion Carbine in Cal. 41/56.

And yes, there are modern rifles such as this French MAS MK3 Semi-Auto Bull-pup in .223.

There are over a thousand lots in this auction and there are easily a hundred that I would love to bid on.  I would normally have highlighted the 1911's, but that may be fodder for another post.  There is something for everyone, lots of somethings for everyone.  The catalogs are works of art in and of themselves.

James D. Julia does a pretty awesome firearms auction.


Just John said...

Looks like some magnificent pieces.

John R said...

Hey John, it's been a while.

Yes, this is an auction I could blow a fortune at.