Thursday, April 19, 2007

Another Quisling Turns on His Own

The repetition is getting boring, yet we must continue to refute the anti's and the anti's with guns at every turn.

From the Houston Chronicle:

Self proclaimed hunter and advocate of sport shooting, and individual gun rights, Bob Cavnar pens the following to the Letters to the Editor.

AS a gun owner who enjoys South Texas quail hunts and my annual pilgrimage to Georgia to shoot with old friends, I have always been an advocate of sport shooting and individual gun rights. However, the shocking reports from Virginia Tech, along with the searing memories of what happened at Columbine High School eight years ago, have crystallized my own thinking on this issue.

Perhaps it is time for us to acknowledge that unregulated open access to firearms through gun shows, private sales and other means encourages those who have no business owning a gun to get one. We need to establish a clear distinction between sporting arms and assault-style weapons meant only for killing people.

Proper registration, securing these weapons and even banning some would be a small price to pay if it saves lives. In this day of values-voters and culture-of-life rhetoric continuously streaming from elected officials, surely this issue is as important.
It is almost as if they use a form letter or guide to write these missives.

First establish gun owning credentials by stating you are a hunter and a supporter of gun rights. Then express shock and horror at the latest news topic concerning a violent use of firearms, and finally share the fact that you now believe that reasonable gun laws may be necessary to save lives.

Bob (I shall not call you Mr., as that is a sign of at least some small bit of respect), you sir are a quisling of the worst sort. Some would call you a Judas Goat, both terms are fitting descriptions of a man with your moral turpitude towards fellow firearm owners.

You use the fact that you hunt quail to give your opinion some validity. Many would say that in this day and age hunting is not necessary. If you would like to have quail for dinner, head on down to your local grocery store and purchase a few that have been humanely slaughtered for you by a subsidiary of ConAgra Foods. I am sure that there are quite a few "value-voters" and folks who believe in the "culture of life" who would agree that killing birds and animals for sport is a savage ritual that needs to be outlawed.

Who exactly are these folks who "have no business owning a gun"? You give no examples and leave it up to the reader to decide who exactly you are talking about. Do you mean minorities? How about folks who live in a poor neighborhood, can they be allowed firearms? It appears that anyone who is not like you should not have a firearm. You make it clear that you believe only the firearms that you personally own should be available to the general public. What an arrogant piece of work you are there Bob.

You state "We need to establish a clear distinction between sporting arms and assault-style weapons meant only for killing people." Bob... I understand that many Americans do not have much of a grasp of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I will be nice and explain the Second Amendment to you in small words and short sentences. The Second Amendment has nothing to do with "sporting arms". Read it carefully, meditate upon it for awhile, and you will figure it out. I think I will leave the figuring to you. Most of the readers of this blog do understand the intent of the Second Amendment, they also understand what "shall not be infringed" means.

Back to quail hunting. If I recall correctly, it was not that long ago that a famous quail hunter was in all the news broadcasts. Didn't someone get shot in the face while quail hunting? Hmmm... maybe banning quail hunting "would be a small price to pay if it saves lives".

If you register, the Chron does accept commentary on their letters page.

(Um.. that was a hint, get on over there)


Fits said...

In tracking the response to the Korean massacre, there have been a plethora of Fudds who've tossed in their 2-cents, and as you so eloquently stated, not a bit of it makes a lick of sense.

Someone slipped past the system because a college wished to pamper him instead of help him. Even if this institution of lower learning HAD done the right thing there's no guarantee in life, absolutely none.Nothing can be idiot-proofed because there's always an improved idiot who'll muck up the works and punishing the many for the sins of the few is too asinine to lend much credence to.

The Fudds show their true colors once again.

Dave said...

Bob needs to look at the gun issue up here in commie-land, I mean canada, guns must be locked away, and NOT used for self defense. So now we get all kind of low life individuals running around, armed and we cannot, by law, defend ourselves. That is gun control. Now Bob should think hard about that before he starts praising gun control.