Monday, April 30, 2007

Interesting Trends

Poking through the firearm related news this afternoon, I noticed some trends you might find interesting.

From KDFI Local 8 News:

SANDY, Utah Thousands flocked to the annual Crossroads of the West gun show this weekend, continuing a trend of rising attendance.

Show manager Bob Templeton says the two-day show at the South Towne Exposition Center attracted about 10,000 visitors. He says a similar show in February drew 12,000...

...He says the show's three-hour concealed weapons permit course also saw an increase in participants.
From KGW Northwest News Channel 8:

PORTLAND, Ore. -- The number of Portland-area residents seeking concealed handgun licenses has spiked in the two weeks since a gunman killed 32 people at Virginia Tech University.

Weekly requests for the licenses have tripled in Multnomah County and doubled in neighboring Washington County, officials said...
From (Powered by the Detroit Free Press):

More women are getting concealed-weapons permits now than ever before, according to the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office.

And so, they’re getting training on how to use handguns.

The office is offering a gun-safety class from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. May 12. The first half will be classroom instruction at the Sheriff’s Training Center, 9555 Haggerty in Belleville. The second half will be firearms training at the indoor pistol range, 3100 Henry Ruff in Westland...
Contrary to what the Brady Bunch desires, more and more folks are accepting a bit of personal responsibility and are taking steps to protect themselves. This is a very positive trend that I hope continues a bit longer than the moment.

If you happen to be a new firearm owner, I would like to remind you that the safe and effective use of that firearm is your responsibility. Seek out and attend basic firearm training and make the Four Rules of Firearm Safety a habit.


Coach Mark said...

The Brady Bunch...hehehehe...I like that one. Fitting, too. A bunch of clueless kiddies trying to make things work to their advantage, with a limited understanding of people.

Chris said...

Just wanted to say hi, been lurking around your blog for a little while, a lot of great reading in here.

On topic, let's just hope that these new gun owners will become active in support of the 2A. I've known several people who are gun owners of all types of firearms that won't take action on anything. Try to talk to them about H.R. 1022 and they just look at me like a deer in the headlights.

John R said...


Welcome and thanks for reading. Thanks also for your service, it is highly appreciated.

Hopefully all the current discussion on gun rights, and the fervor in which the anti's are attacking those rights, will wake up a few of the gun owners that are sitting on the sidelines