Monday, April 23, 2007

First Hand Account

It is not often that a blogger gets a first hand account of the use of a concealed firearm by a CHL holder.

Blogs of War has such an account:

My neighbor didn’t stand a chance and he was getting pushed down the sidewalk. I decided to sprint for the attacker’s back and try to spear him and put him down when my neighbor, arms and legs bloodied, came up in a perfect shooting stance with a .380. He was amped and screaming “Don’t fu*king do it..back away” and I was in the middle of it...
Head on over and read the rest, I'll hold off on my comments until later.


Fits said...

Without reservation I can offer that the thug would have been dropped if not DRT . "Restraint" means not shooting until the threat has been established, and it certainly was. Last time I had to present was during a threat of violence should I not hand over a wallet. The jerkwad moved quickly away and the single thing stopping me from still ending it all for him was the idea of a night spent doing paperwork. Alls wells that ends well, though.

Gunny John said...

He certainly exercised more restraint than I probably would have. I only say probably because I've not had to use deadly force outside of military service. Still; a fine job on his part, and the perps are some lucky sumbitches.