Sunday, April 15, 2007

Day at the Range

Today was the monthly .22 caliber long range silhouette match. This match is shot similar to the Black Powder Cartridge Rifle silhouette matches, except at 2/5 scale. Targets are set at 80, 120, 154 and 200 meters. The chickens at 80 meters are shot standing, the rest are shot from the prone position with cross sticks. This match is shot with single shot rifles and open or target sights. The rifle I use is a Martini.

My Martini

I started shooting these matches with my #3 daughter. Now that she is out and on her own, I pretty much stopped shooting them. Today was the first time in quite awhile, and my score showed it. Today reminded me of how much I really enjoy shooting these matches, so I will become a regular on the firing line once again. Knocking down metal targets at 200m with a .22 is a blast.

The match is open to the public, so if you are in North Texas and are interested in shooting with us, we would be glad to have you. Contact me for more information if interested.

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Coach Mark said...

My boys enjoyed that gun. I hope you do well.