Monday, April 02, 2007

Concealed Gun Applications Up After Mall Shooting

Well.... Uh... Duh!

Increase in crime in Houston after the Katrina evacuees from New Orleans move in, gun sales and permits increase. Folks see that a concealed weapon was used effectively in stopping the goblin at the Utah Mall, they decide that maybe they should be a bit more proactive in their own protection. Just makes sense.

From KUTV 2:

SALT LAKE CITY Applications for concealed-weapons permits have been pouring in since nine people were shot at a shopping mall.

"We are getting 400 to 500 a day," said Ed McConkie, chief of the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification. "Before it was 200-270."

While the majority of permits still go to people from out of state, the new wave of applicants are mostly Utah residents.

"People reacted in different ways," McConkie said of Trolley Square. "Many people wanted a concealed-carry permit and people who had let their permits go dormant reapplied."
If you are one of these folks who have decided to taken on the responsibility of defending your self and your family, well done. Now that you have made that decision, you must also be responsible for the safe and effective handling of your firearm. Learn and live the Four Rules of Firearm Safety, make them a part of your everyday life. Become proficient, no, become VERY proficient with your firearm. Get some training and send lots of ammo down range. Make the safe and effective handling of your firearm second nature. The effective use of a firearm is a martial art. The safe use of a firearm is an obligation you have not only to your family, but to society. For more information on firearm safety, look here.

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