Monday, April 16, 2007

The LawDog's take on the Virginia Tech Shooting

From The LawDog Files:

There are reports -- granted unconfirmed at this time -- that several students were forced to line up, kneeling, and executed from behind.

I pray to the old gods -- the gods of war and blood and thunder -- that this is not the case.

I pray that some students went down fighting.

Because as bad as this is -- and this is a horror -- as bad as this is, if fifty some-odd people were injured and killed by one person whilst on their knees begging like so many Eloi, like a herd of sheep -- if no one stood up and fought back, then this is becomes an example of evil.

Not the evil that allows a man to kill other men -- although that is here in abundance. No, I am speaking of the putrescent evil which convinces good men not to fight back; the sordid filth of the soul which allows one bad man to prevail against fifty -- or 25,000 -- good men because good men have been systematically denied the mindset required to meet with, engage and defeat evil -- even if all you have is fingernails and rage.

One man. On a campus of 25,000 people. 25,000 people surrounded by fire extinguishers, book bags, pencils, pens, drafting compasses, chairs, broom handles, power strips, ceramics, chains and everything heavy and/or sharp.

One man managed to gun down fifty people -- or more -- without being stabbed and bludgeoned to death where he stood by the other 24,950 people...
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Fits said...

Like the passengers aboard the planes that struck the towers and the Pentagon...

"Remain seated. Everything is under control. Give them what they want. Do not resist."

Pitiful.Everything I've seen so far leads me to believe their response was to run and failing that, beg.

Anonymous said...

Universal among all of our opinions is sadness for the victims and their families. To each one of us, I believe that goes without saying.

And by "our" and "us", I mean gun owners.

Now, it's just time for us to weather the knee-jerk reactions AND keep vigilant and active in the political arenas.

The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Mark my word , the left will use this tostart another Second Amendment attack and over reacting liberals in Congress and State Legislatures will propose stricter gun laws and regulations.

And criminals and whacos who want to kill someone will still find guns and kill people who will not be able to protect themselves because they will obey the gun laws!

Anonymous said...

I am afraid this just might be so. We as a society have become pacified, neutered, and spineless. People like you, myself and others are an endangered species of Americans.