Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Support FCI, Win a B.A.G. (or two)

Just before Christmas of last year, Doug Campbell of Frankfort, IL found out he was the lucky winner of The Fifty Caliber Institute's drawing for a Browning M3 Heavy-Barrel in Semi-Auto. Now that it my kind of Christmas present. Oh darn, Doug lives in Illinois, bummer. As you probably know, Illinois anti's are working pretty hard to ban .50 caliber firearms. One of the primary organizations working against this ban is The Fifty Caliber Institute (FCI). FCI raises funds through membership drives and raffles. This years raffle is pretty outstanding.

Click here to enter

"Enter Once, Win Twice"

Introducing FCI's Best Fundraiser Yet!

Beginning immediately FCI is introducing our most recent fundraiser and we think this will turn out to be the best fundraiser we've ever had. For starters we are giving away two fine firearms instead of one and each coupon purchased will be used in both drawings. So if you buy one coupon you get a chance to win either of these two fine firearms OR BOTH OF THEM. Coupons are $25 each, but we are also continuing our policy of giving away 5 coupons for every $100 contribution.
These are two outstanding firearms, enter now, and enter often. I can't think of a better Christmas present. Click here to enter.


Fits said...

Th single thing keeping me from acquiring a .50 cal S&W is the fact that I'll never buy a gun with a Hillary hole.

S&W must hope and pray that they get enough LE contracts for semi-autos, as they've seen the end of dominance in revolvers.

John R said...

You can still purchase a couple of tickets to support FCI, and if you happen to win the S&W, I guess I could take it off your hands for you.

I would much prefer the Cobb Manufacturing rifle, but am interested to see what John Ross's input to the design of the MDL 500 consists of.

Gunny John said...

The only .50 I've fired is the Browning M2 machinegun, both in training and in Iraq. Accurate and hard-hitting.

Given that, I'd have to opt for the long gun (although I wouldn't complain about the wheel gun either).