Sunday, April 22, 2007

Main Street Arts Festival

An event that I really look forward to attending each year is the Main Street Arts Festival in Fort Worth. I have been told that it is the eighth largest arts festival in the country, and I can believe it. Main Street is cordoned off along with a couple of the side streets and parking lots for artist, food and bands. This year we did not find anything for ourselves, but did find an album for #1 daughter's wedding pictures from this artist. My daughter is finally marrying the love of her life this June, and V is doing the wedding pictures for her. The album we picked up will be a wonderful presentation for her photos.

An event such as an outdoor arts festival or carnival is a good study people and their awareness of their surroundings. Today there were thousands of folks on Main Street, 99% of them were in Condition White. These folks were oblivious to their surroundings and unprepared for any kind of trouble. Many of the artist were keeping an alert eye on people in and around their booths, but were not quite in Condition Yellow as I understand it. They were alert to the potential of a shop lifter or thief, but not to the potential of a violent encounter. I also noticed a couple other CHL holders, one was so obvious that he may have been an off duty police officer, that were having a good time and enjoying the day. As these guys did not notice me, even though I was staring at them, I will have to say that they also were in Condition White. I did not notice any undercover officers, but we went earlier in the day than usual. Saturday afternoon and on into the evening is when I prefer to go. The people watching is much more interesting. In the evening you know that there are predators around, you just have to identify them. Some will make your hair stand on end as you watch them scan the crowd for prey. The predators will pick up on your attention and notice you out of the crowd, they have their own definition of alertness. The evening also brings out the protectors, the undercover officers, who along with the large presence of uniformed officers strive to keep the crowd safe.

The Main Street Arts Festival is a very safe and family friendly event. The City of Fort Worth is to be commended for being able to host this high quality art event year after year. This is an event that you can feel comfortable bringing the entire family, and a great way to introduce your teen-aged children to the arts. The purpose of this commentary is not to scare you away from events such as this, but to simply remind you to always be alert to your surroundings and to the potential of danger, wherever you may be.

V and I will be going to the Sawdust Arts Festival and the Pageant of the Masters later this Summer. I have to tell you that the Fort Worth Main Street Arts Festival is right up there with the best California has to offer. As an added bonus, in Fort Worth you do not have to mess with the ridiculous anti gun laws of California. If it were not for the fact that my Parents live in Oceanside, I would not be visiting CA.

Just in case you are interested, my favorite art gallery in Fort Worth is The Milan Gallery.

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