Tuesday, April 17, 2007

In Other News...

With the news focusing upon Virginia Tech, you may have missed this little bit of action that occurred in Houston.

From the Houston Chronicle:


At least one man was killed and several were wounded when rival immigrant-smuggling gangs engaged in a noontime gunbattle that started on the Southwest Freeway and ended on the feeder road, police said.

Authorities suspect one gang was attempting to steal a load of immigrants from the other...

...About noon, the occupants of two trucks — one carrying at least 10 people — exchanged gunfire while heading northbound on the freeway, Elliott said. The vehicles exited at Bissonnet and ran a red light before one truck crashed into an older model Honda Accord that was not part of the chase.

Elliott said the occupants of the two trucks "then proceeded to get out of their vehicles to have a shootout."
Incidents like this have been happening out in the desert for quite awhile now. The fact that the coyotes are getting so bold as to pull this stunt in the city says a lot for the contempt in which they hold our law enforcement organizations.

While I do not often comment on our need to secure our borders, I have mentioned the lax attitude of a certain police chief when it comes to illegal aliens.

I have also mentioned that it is...

Do not forget the most important reason to secure our borders, terrorist. As horrific as the Virginia Tech shootings are, Beslin was much worse. In Beslin 338 were killed by Muslim terrorist. Our schools are not only an easy target for terrorist attack, they are a preferred target. Read more here.

It is appalling that our elected officials have done very little to secure our borders. Secure borders are one of the primary responsibilities of our federal .gov, and they ignore it. Playing politics for what they see as future votes from a new servant class of "citizen". Just another action to add to their list of shameful acts.

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Gunny John said...

Our borders seem to be routinely ignored by all of the elected tormentors. I wonder if any of them would change their tune if one of their loved ones was killed by a border hopping scumbag?