Thursday, June 05, 2008


I don't hide the fact that I have firearms from my friends and neighbors. I often open carry around the house and in the front yard. When I head out to the range, I am not secretive about loading up the truck. Firearms are a normal and routine part of my day and if my neighbors have noticed, they have not mentioned it.

Others take a more secretive approach to firearms ownership. They have good reason.

From the Star Telegram:

By Domingo Ramirez Jr.

EULESS -- A group of armed masked robbers rushed into a house late Tuesday, herded several teens into a bedroom and then took several weapons including assault rifles from the residence before they fled, police said Thursday.

As the three bandits rounded up the teens, the mother of one of the teenagers ran to her bedroom, jumped out a window and called 911, police said.
The two they caught:

A Couple of Goblins

Yep, two Billy Bad-asses posing for the camera.

The home invasion happened about 10:30 p.m. Tuesday in the 900 block of W. Midway Drive.

According to police reports, a woman, her three teenage children and two friends of the teens were at the home. Three men -- one wearing a ski mask and two with bandanas over their faces -- rushed into the house when one of the teens was about to leave, police said.

Two of the bandits were armed with long guns and one had a pistol, police said.

“They moved all the teens into a bedroom,” Williams said. “They also knew that there were weapons in the house and asked the teens where they were.”
The fact that you have firearms in your home can make you a target. It might be a good idea to be somewhat low key about being a gunnie, and you may want to have a talk with your children about talking about your firearms in school.

The robbers took two assault rifles and several handguns which the family was keeping in the house for other relatives, police said.
Having firearms in this house was something different, exciting even. I am betting that they bragged about them at school, the wrong kids took notice, and the family became a target.

Maybe I should be a bit more discrete myself.


Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

A compelling argument, I would think, for banning the media practice of publishing information about concealed carry licensees.

GunGeek said...

This story is good justification for constant carry and safe storage for what isn't being carried.

This is the kind of event that I point out to people who are surprised that I carry at home.

Also, and anyone can feel free to call me a racist for this if they want, but the guys posing for the mug shot camera just brought this back to my mind. I honestly believe that the main reason why black people get harsher penalties when they commit a crime is because of their cultural requirement that they be big tough bad guys when being arrested, and even when in court.

Whitey has enough sense to at least pretend to be sorry and ashamed for what he did and swear to never do it again. That goes a long long way in getting lighter sentences.

John R said...

Both good points. Texas locked away CHL information this past legisltaive cycle, and carrying even in the haven of your own home has become necessary. Home invasions are becoming very common here in N. Texas.

The "tough guy" attitude in court may earn them some street cred, but no help from the jury. The problem is, the goblins do not respect a jury, they don't see hard time as being very hard. They just don't fear prison.