Saturday, June 28, 2008

This one is for SondraK

H/T to Say Uncle

You don't know Sondra? Why she is the Head Mistress of SondraKiStan, USA.


All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

WTF lol

Anonymous said...

Ound dat vas der Rammmmmmmmschteeeeeeeennnnnnnn!!!!!

And I only know that wild and karzy sound from the HM. And that was one wild vid. I never go pass 60 sec on any of that stuff but this one was very wierd to the end.

and hey, music was listenable and for me and this group that's sayin' sumptin' ;)

SherryM said...

Ok.. That was dif. What was they singing about?

Anonymous said...


21st Century Wagnerians mitout der Valkeries!

The Headmistress would approve.

-Sven in Colorado

Anonymous said...

I was just saying this morning that I wanted a flame thrower.

John R said...

I do appreciate y'all stopping by and leaving a comment.

Sherrym; I think it is a commentary on success, succumbing to gluttony, and the self loathing that would result. I could be way off the mark.

It is a very well put together video, and, it has chicks with flamethrowers :)

Anonymous said...

I don't this song means what you think it means.

The "Ich hab' keine Lust" that keeps getting repeated means "I don't feel like it" The obvious meaning is not with the sexy women.

When combined with the "I would feel like it with big animals"...

This is a song about bestiality.

Even the hot women don't do it for him. Thus the psychiatric ward feel of the whole video.

Keep in mind that Rammstein often deals disturbing topics including necrophilia and self immolation. They are not (to my knowledge) into bestiality, but wrote the song from that perspective.

John R said...

If the lyrics stool alone, and you only read two lines, I might agree.

But when I step back and look at the visual imagery in the video, which is used to complement the lyrics, I get a different message. Once the glutton has over indulged in everything, what more is there to do, large animals?

"I would feel like it with big animals

Don't feel like risking it

Don't feel like going from the snow

Don't feel like freezing"

Of course, I could be totally off the mark here. It is just what I got out of the video.

Like most of Rammstein's American audience, I'm just enjoying the beat and the imagery.

Anonymous said...

My interpretation of the song is that of someone into bestiality, hates himself for it and is trying to repress it (including by overeating). He keeps saying all the things he doesn't want to do... but repeats the one thing he wants. Animals.

Deeply disturbing, but it is amazing to take something so disturbing and make it both interesting, powerful and catchy.