Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Senator Cornyn at the Double D Ranch

And breaking a few clays.

Senator Cornyn has received an "A" rating by Gun Owners of America for his pro-gun voting record. The GOA considers him to be philosophically sound in his views on our Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Senator Cornyn is up for re-election this November and needs your vote.

In the 2006 elections, Dallas County Republicans lost every race to the Democrats. Each and every race. How did this happen? Republicans did not show up to vote. In 2002 over 216,000 Republicans voted. In 2006, less than 179,000 made it to the polls. The Democrats had a showing of over 197,000 for each voting cycle. When Republicans showed up, Republican candidates won.

A recent poll (pdf) indicates that Senator Cornyn has a comfortable lead over his opponent. That's all well and good so long as Republicans show up to vote.

John Cornyn has done a very good job representing Texas as it's Jr. Senator. John Cornyn has opposed Senator McCain in the past when Senator McCain was off track, and I expect Senator Cornyn to continue supporting our conservative ideals. I also expect that he will be opposing those that just don't stack up, no matter who is President.

I wholeheartedly support Senator John Cornyn in his reelection bid, and ask that you do so also.

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Anonymous said...

I've written to the Senator on several occasions & always recieved prompt replies. Senator Cornyn's responses came much faster than Senator Hutchinson or Rep. Granger. I'm really more concerned with action than written responses, but the fact that Senator Cornyn is able to produce both is a big plus in my book.