Thursday, June 26, 2008

More on DC v Heller

The Liberty Sphere has an excellent roundup of blogger reactions to today's ruling on DC v Heller. Head on over and see what the rest of the gunny blog-o-sphere has to say.

There are some who are not so pleased at the Supreme Court's affirmation of our individual right to keep and bear arms.

The Chicago Tribune is demanding that we Repeal the 2nd Amendment (please take the time to add your comment to this drivel).

As I sit here and listen to Mayors Fenty and Daley bemoan the fact that individuals do have rights in these United States, I am struck by the absolute disconnect they have with reality, and the arrogant disdain in which they hold their supposed subjects.

I have not watched any video of Bloomberg yet, but I can only take so much in one evening.


Welshman said...

JR, thanks for the link. As always I appreciate it.
The Liberty Sphere

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the link, I left a comment and reviewed what others have written.

It looks like the pro-freedom side is out in force, most of the comments supported RKBA.

Anonymous said...

Nice Post!
Your Post is being featured at in the "2nd Amendment section" is dedicated to exposing the ills of political correctness

catfish said...

I was kinda hoping Daley would stroke out. ;)

It never fails to amaze me that even though the "book" of firearms laws is several inches thick, the idiot leftists think that more laws will get the bad guys to stop using firearms and that us "normal" folks won't mind having our liberty chipped away.

When will they realize that laws only affect the law abiding and the criminals ignore them.

Criminals do not, however, ignore the fact that guns in the hands of private citizens are a larger deterrent than anything else....

John R said...

Hey Bob, thanks for adding to the long list of comments. There are some good ones in there.

Anon; Thank you for adding the link to Fight PC. It looks to be a great site.

You know Catfish, I think they do know that more gun laws will do nothing to alleviate violence. The laws just help to increase their power over the citizenry.