Friday, June 20, 2008

Musical Interlude

A little Doobie Brothers for your listening pleasure.

Old black water, keep on rollin...
Speaking of Blackwater, did you know that you could win a weekend at Blackwater USA?

You can help send your favorite gun blogger to summer camp at Blackwater USA with world class shooter and instructor Todd Jarrett... and have a chance to win a invitation for yourself as well. Para USA, along with Blackwater, USA is sponsoring a weekend of first class instruction at the most exclusive training facility in the United States.
Now that would be one outstanding weekend.

To vote (hopefully for A Keyboard and a .45) and register for your chance to spend a weekend at Blackwater with Todd Jarrett, click here to head on over to ParaUSA's contest entry page.

Act now, voting ends July 1st!

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