Sunday, June 08, 2008

Washington D.C, A Beacon of... Tyranny?

Washington D.C. is a bit of a dichotomy.

It is the political center of our Republic, housing memorials of our nation's war dead and monuments to our greatest leaders. Museums, art, history and stunning architecture are all to be found in Washington D.C., and all tributes to our freedom and liberty.

On the other side of the coin, Washington D.C. is an embarrassment to these United States. Leading the nation in violent crimes and murders for decades, as corrupt a political infrastructure that can be imagined, and an inbred contempt for personal liberties running throughout it's government and bureaucracies. Some would say that D.C. has what it deserves. That an electorate who continue to place vile and corrupt individuals such as Marion Barry into positions of power deserve the rotten fruits of their vote. Washington D.C. should be a Liberal utopia. It has been run by Democrats for decades, it has the most restrictive gun laws in the nation, and a population dependent on the .gov dole. All is not well in Liberalland, violent crime has gotten out of control, even by their standards.

So how does a Liberal react to this crime wave? With the force of arms of course. The overlords in D.C. have now gone too far and need to be stopped. Putting up checkpoints around neighborhoods and allowing passage based on whether or not the officer who questions you feels you have a "need" to be in the area, goes against everything this nation should stand for. This is a despicable act against the constitution of these United States. The order givers and the order followers need to be punished, harshly.

LawDog puts it best in his post, "Papieren, bitte!"

...Anyone not providing papers identification or a "legitimate reason to enter the neighborhood" will be -- and I quote -- "forced to leave".

Anyone objecting to being refused entry into the "Neighborhood Safety Zone" will face arrest for failing to obey police.

This sort of bushwa is EXACTLY what you bloody well get when the sodding government is the only folks allowed to carry guns. This sort of absolute felching gradoo is EXACTLY what you get when the citizens are disarmed.

Shame on the DC Police department. Shame! You are supposed to be peace officers, not some mouth-breathing knock-off of the gods-be-damned gestapo. And that goes double for Mayor Fenty, Police Chief Cathy Lanier and Attorney General Peter Nickles. Where, in the name of all that's holy, do you think that you are, World War 2 Warsaw?
Read the whole thing, LawDog expresses the anger that we all feel about this despicable act by the D.C. government.

Some of the residents of Washington D.C. have become so dependent upon Big Brother that they applaud the boot on their neck:

...But others applauded the initiative. George Saxton of Capitol Hill was pulled over in his black Ford Focus after dropping off his niece near the checkpoint. He said those who are complaining about the initiative probably have something to hide.

"I hope this will help," Saxton said.
I am disgusted.

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