Wednesday, June 04, 2008

"The Scarecrow Bandits", a Bunch of Choir Boys?

Several members of a bank robbing gang that came to be known as "The Scarecrow Bandits" were arrested in the DFW Metroplex this past Monday. These goblins had robbed over 20 banks. They were called The Scarecrow Bandits because of the floppy hats and loose shirts they wore during the robberies.

This gang was responsible for more than 20 armed bank robberies, a one gang violent crime wave across North Texas. Could this have been avoided?

It seems so. If our criminal justice system had done it's job, these banks would never have been robbed.

From the Dallas Morning News:

By Steve Thompson

So far seven members of this bank robbing gang have been arrested. Three of these seven have previously faced charges of murder.

"My name's Charlie," one of them said defiantly Tuesday afternoon, correcting a federal judge who had read his name from an indictment as Charles Runnels...

...While Mr. Runnels, 42, told the judge he worked in landscaping, Dallas police records accuse him during recent months of being a drug dealer.

He was convicted of manslaughter in Arkansas in 1994 and aggravated burglary in Dallas County in 1996. He was then convicted in Ohio of aggravated battery and spent nine years in a state prison there. He was released in 2006 and is to remain on parole under Texas authorities until 2021, a Dallas police report says.

Yet when he was charged with murder in Dallas, accused of shooting a longtime friend over money April 13, a magistrate set his bail at $100,000. He posted it and was released April 19, a few days before the Scarecrow Bandits' latest robbery.
Manslaughter, burglary, battery and murder, quite the choir boy wasn't he? Why the hell was he on our streets?

The other suspects who have faced murder charges are Antonyo Reece, 31, and Corey Deyon Duffey, 27.

Mr. Reece, whose name is sometimes spelled Antonio and goes by the nickname "Seven," was paroled early last year after receiving a 30-year prison sentence in 1991 for a Dallas County murder charge.
2007 minus 1991 = 16. This goblin spent barely half of a 30 year sentence for murder behind bars. I would like to know which parole board let him back on our streets so I can write them a letter expressing my appreciation for allowing this goblin back out on our North Texas streets. He has been such an asset to the community.

Mr. Duffey, a.k.a. "Keyno," pleaded guilty after a 1997 murder charge and was released from prison in 2000.
Three years for murder! Wow, our District Attorneys are doing a great job seeing that justice is served in North Texas.

And another who did not serve his full sentence:

Another accused bandit who has faced a long prison sentence is 42-year-old Tony R. Hewitt, a.k.a. "PricelessT." He was sentenced to 27 years on a drug trafficking charge in 1992 and released on parole in late 2005.
Not a single one of these goblins acquired their firearms legally. Not one.

Why is it that the same politicians, district attorneys and police chiefs who clamor for more restrictive gun control laws enable a revolving door justice system that puts goblins such as these out on our streets?

We do not need restrictive gun control laws, we need the laws that restrict our goblins enforced.


TexasFred said...

Amen, on ALL counts, I was pretty well disgusted when I saw this on the news...

These are all nice young men, they're just misunderstood...

Wait and see, that's coming, I'd bet on it...

John R said...

The parents of goblin #3 have already been on the news spouting his virtues.