Thursday, December 14, 2006

Win a Piece of History

Last Week for This Raffle!

The Fifty Caliber Institute is a national organization dedicated to the advancement of the .50 caliber shooting sports.

From their website:

FCI remains committed to stand in their path and defend not only the .50 caliber sports, but the traditional and inherent American values of gun ownership and personal responsibility. We proudly recognize the contributions made by the .50cal sporting community to our law enforcement and military, contributions that lead to safer streets and improved national security. We thank you for your interest and your ongoing support as we move forward with this critical mission.
I am not yet an owner of a .50 caliber rifle, but it is high up on my "to get" list. Here is a chance to own not just a .50 caliber rifle, but a Browning M3HB in semi auto.

This modified original Browning M3 heavy-barrel has been remanufactured using genuine G.I. parts. You will find the detailed workmanship and design of this remanufactured weapon to be very close to the original and is excellent for sharpshooters, re-enactors or military vehicle enthusiasts. Fires commercial ammunition or blanks. All components internal and external are finished with a gray military type parkerization process.

Support the Fifty Caliber Institute

For more information on this raffle, click on the above image.

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