Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Voting is Now Open!

Vote Here!

A Keyboard and a .45 made it to the final stage of the 2006 Weblog Awards in the "Best of the top 6751 to 8750 TTLB Ecosystem Ranked Blogs"

That is pretty cool and I am excited about being listed as a finalist.

Voting is open until the 15th of December, and you can vote once per day in each of the 45 categories.

If you enjoy this blog, I would very much appreciate your vote. You can vote by clicking on the Weblog Awards Finalist Badge in this post or on my sidebar.




Gunny John said...

Congrats, and you'll have my daily vote. I think I was one of the first people to vote today as the polls were opening one by one. Should be a fun week.

sweettness said...

Way Cool!!! congrats to you..well you got my vote as long as i did it right know me...dingyness :) again..way cool!!!

Bruce said...

You got my vote.

Of course, if you were to return the favor, I'm in the "2501-3500" category.


- Bruce at mAss Backwards

John R said...

Bruce and John; thanks for stopping by, you are both on my daily voting list.

Ness, I'm sure you did good :)