Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Now This is "Combat Mindset"

Regular readers of this blog know that I have a Concealed Handgun License, and that I am a proponent of concealed carry for self protection. LawDog recently commented on the "Combat Mindset". The basic premise of his commentary was that firearm or no, there is always some avenue of active resistance that an individual can pursue if assaulted. That commentary prompted me to make The LawDog Files my Blog of The Week that particular week.

A woman in Tyler Texas gives us an example of the effective use of a Combat Mindset.

TYLER, Texas - Carjacked at knifepoint while pumping gas, a 75-year-old woman didn't give in without a fight. Mary Gean Smyth opened the door of her sport utility vehicle and doused the assailant in gas.

"I'm sure he was burning like mad," Smyth said of the Tuesday carjacking. "I mean, I drowned him right in the face."
Another goblin makes a mistake in choosing a victim. After being doused with gasoline, the goblin drove off and was later apprehended. Mrs. Smith got her car (a bit smelly, but in one piece), her purse and her credit cards back. Her cash was missing.

The grocery where she was getting her gas was quite neighborly in making this offer:

A representative of the Brookshire grocery store, where Smyth was getting gas, has offered to pay for car cleaning and repairs, Smyth said.
If there were a Brookshires any where near, they would be getting my business.

How many times do we hear about senior citizens being taken advantage of, robbed and killed? Mrs. Smyth fought back at the opportune time and saved herself. The Combat Mindset, a most important tool in overcoming adversaries.

One last note; This was not the goblins first dance. He was out on parole, another violent criminal out on the streets thanks to our lenient judicial system.

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AlanDP said...

I once accidentally spilled gas on top of my head (siphoning gas into a tractor). If someone had intentionally doused my face and head with gas, I'm sure I would not have been able to drive away. The best I could have done would be to run away blindly and hope I didn't get hit by a car. It was very painful.