Saturday, December 09, 2006

Goblins go on Sexual Assault "Binge."

Oleg Volk

Which way would work better?

It will never happen to me!

That is what the police are for, to protect us!

We live in a good neighborhood, stuff like that just does not happen here!

Those are just three of the common "reasons" people feel that they do not need to provide for their own protection. What happens on the evening news, always happens to someone else, until one day when a violent act catches up to them...

Recent news articles in the Star Telegram:

Two Arrested in String of Assaults

Two men were arrested Thursday in what police called a sexual assault "binge."

The men are suspects in as many as five sexual assaults Wednesday night in three north Dallas County communities.

These goblins went around and randomly selected women, abducted them, and assaulted them.

Victims told similar stories of how two men traveling in a silver compact car either abducted and sexually assaulted them, or tried to.

"These guys were just out on a binge," said officer Joe Harn, a Garland police spokesman...

...The first incident occurred about 7:45 p.m. Wednesday at an apartment complex in the 3400 block of Country Square Drive in east Carrollton.

One woman went into an apartment while another woman waited in the car, according to Sgt. Patrick Murphy, a Carrollton police spokesman. Two men pulled up, and one robbed the woman in the car, Murphy said.

She then tried to alert the other woman by honking the horn, Murphy said.

"The second victim then came outside and was tackled by the second suspect," Murphy said.

She was kidnapped, raped and released about a mile and a half away in the 3500 block of East Belt Line Road in Farmers Branch, he said.

The next incident occurred about 14 miles east in the 1900 block of Linda Lane in Richardson.

Witnesses told police they saw two men forcing a woman into a silver car at 9:20 p.m., said Lt. Daniel Robb, a Richardson police spokesman.

About 15 minutes later, the woman was found nude about two miles away in Garland, near Lookout Drive and Texas 190 (the President George Bush Turnpike).

Two more incidents were reported in Garland, one at 11:18 p.m. and the other at 11:33 p.m., Harn said.

These goblins did not care about these women's neighborhoods, or their cars, or who they knew. All they were looking for was someone who they perceived as weak, someone that they could abduct and terrorize.

Kidnapped, raped and left naked on the side of the road. I doubt that any of these women had plans to get molested when they left their homes on Wednesday morning. I am sure all of them felt safe and secure in familiar surroundings, performing routine tasks.

The police did do their job. They responded to the crime, they investigated, and they captured the goblins before any more women had their lives altered forever.

Two of the women fought back and escaped with out being raped. This "binge" could have been stopped early on if one of the intended victims had some sort of force equalization tool. A handgun in trained hands is such a tool. These women were out numbered and overpowered by the goblins. A handgun is the one tool that would have stacked the chips in their favor.

Texas is a "shall issue" state, if you pass the background checks and pay the fee, you will get issued a Concealed Handgun License. These women have chosen not to be proactive in securing their own safety, that is their choice (one they may be reconsidering). There are states which forbid women like these from being able to protect themselves from violence. States like California, New York and New Jersey stand firmly on the side of the goblin, telling women that their lives and security do not matter. The arrogant immorality of these legislators should not be tolerated, and I do not for the life of me understand why they are. Why do the people of Washington D.C. allow themselves to be treated like subjects instead of demanding they be treated like free citizens?

To deny a person the natural right that is affirmed in both the preamble and second amendment of the constitution is wrong. It is immoral, unethical and criminal.


Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or does she not have her finger on the trigger

John R said...

No Ma'am, her finger is on the trigger guard. It is hard to see as I had to shrink the image to fit properly.

Anonymous said...

if you walk around holding an aimed gun at all times, this might have worked against these guys- knowing the situation of how people get surprised and carried off, a gun in the car or purse would not have helped