Sunday, December 31, 2006

Sunday's Blog of The Week

I generally use this feature to highlight a different blog each week. The highlighted blog is usually from my sidebar and not always firearms related. This is the first time that a blog has been my "Blog of The Week" more than once, but this is a great article that everyone should read.

For the second time, the Blog of The Week is... The Smallest Minority.

Whenever I write an essay or argue a point about "gun control," I always consider what the other side believes. While I've always had an individual-rights understanding of the topic, it took me the better part of a decade to construct what I believe is the logically defensible ideology to support that position. I have tried to repeat those logical points, sometimes ad nauseam, in order to reach a broad audience. After three and a half years that audience has about reached its maximum here, I think, but I'm not quite done yet. The other side certainly isn't.

A long time ago I came across an anonymous quote:

"Simply put, gun control cannot survive without an accompanying sea of disinformation".
Kevin goes on to tackle a small portion of the "sea of disinformation" in a very well written essay. It is well worth your time.


Anonymous said...

Good blog of the week! I like the quote about disinformation. It is interesting to me that the cities with the highest crime levels are the same cities that have 'banned' guns.

It seems like some of the gun control ppl would notice that - but then - why let facts get in the way of opinions!

John R said...

Hey Beth, Happy New Year!

Kevin does do a great job of pulling it all together for us doesn't he?