Friday, December 01, 2006

In The Spotlight!

Tanya Gorin of the TCU rifle team

Gorin, who is from Mesa, Ariz., has helped the TCU rifle team to two first-place and two second-place finishes this semester. The team will resume competition on Jan. 27 at home against Air Force.
Go Frogs! TCU has one of the relatively few college women's shooting sports teams in the country. They compete in both air and small bore rifle, and do very well.

An interesting bio of Miss Gorin:

Class: Sophomore

Vital stats: 5-foot-6 member of the TCU rifle team

Highlights: Three times during her freshman year, Gorin set school records in air rifle, the last being in January at the UTEP Triangular (586). That mark was broken earlier this season.

How did you get into rifle? My dad had lots of firearms in the house, so I'd go out to the range with him every once in a while and shoot small bore. I started enjoying it a lot, and at the local club I shot at there was a junior program. We'd come out and shoot small bore once a week. I fell in love with it. I started competing in local matches and from there I started shooting air rifle, too.

How old were you when you started? I was 11.

Did it start out as your dad wanting to teach you safety? It was really something to do with dad. Once a week, that was my dad time.

Did you have a certain day you'd go out there? Every Thursday night.

Now you can probably beat him, huh? Yeah (laughs).

Did you start getting really good at it and figured out you could go to college to do rifle? The coaches always told me they could see I had a lot of potential. So I stuck with it and kept working hard. It really helps that I enjoyed it a lot. My dad started throwing around ideas [about college] in about ninth or 10th grade, but I never really thought about it until my junior year, and I started looking up schools that had programs.


Anonymous said...

If she's tall enough, she should apply to America's Top Model.

Anonymous said...

My grandmother loved to do manly things, too. At times I think she made my grandfather angry with it. She could beat my grandfather at fishing, etc. I think she didn't try as hard as she wanted, just so he wouldn't get beat all the time.