Monday, December 04, 2006

Something Different!

The news is reporting a store that is selling what they are calling X-rated Christmas Tree ornaments. The article starts off with:

Several new holiday decorations considered X-rated are being sold in Florida at a store popular with young children, according to a report.
What store could this be that is so popular to young children? Kaybee Toys? Toys R Us? One of the seasonal Christmas decoration outlets?


Six controversial ornaments, which can be purchased for $9 at Spencer's stores in Jacksonville and other parts of Florida, include an X-rated snowman and reindeer.
If you have never been to a mall, then maybe you do not know what Spencer's is all about. One thing Spencer's is not, is a place for young children. If the Spencer's stores in Florida are "popular with young children", then parents of these young children in Florida need to be slapped upside the head. Spencer's is primarily aimed at young adults and has lots of sexually explicit items in each store. Many of the things they sell are gag gifts. They also have a large selection of drinking games. I do not think there is anything in a Spencer's store that is aimed at young children, and young children really should not be in there. These explicit ornaments are in poor taste, and the success of a store like Spenser's is a statement on the current level of decadence of our society. But if you do not like what they are selling, then do not go in there. If you are properly supervising your young children while at the mall, then they will not go in their either.

What's funny is that news articles like this one are great free advertising for stores like these. They do appreciate your outrage.

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