Wednesday, December 31, 2008

All in All 2008 was...

...a pretty good year. Yeah the nation elected it's first Socialist president and the economy is in the tank. Reductions in overtime at work have resulted in a 23% pay cut and I work for a company that manufactures OEM automotive components so a salary recovery is not likely.

But, there is a bright side.

This year the JR clan gained a member with the birth of our 7th grandchild, baby Ryan Adams of Colorado. I had the opportunity to attend the NRA Annual Meeting and Exhibits with a press pass and got to meet quite a few other bloggers and leaders in the firearms industry. Then you folks, the readers of this blog, sent me off to Gunnie Summer Camp at Blackwater to spend the weekend shooting with Todd Jarrett. Now that was a red letter weekend.

V and I have our health, our family and each other. We make enough to pay the bills with some left over for ammo and decent wine. Life is good.

Happy New Year folks, I am off to cook V a wonderful dinner, after which we will watch the Stars game and a couple of our grand children.

Stay safe.


catfish said...

Happy New Year, Brother - here's to a great '09.

Anonymous said...

Very cool, JR. It is good to look at the positive and still keep on eye on the negative. Have a great 2009, my friend, I wish you and your great family the best year possible.