Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Overstepping His Bounds

Or at least sticking his nose in where it doesn't belong, wasting even more taxpayers dollars, and getting involved in an issue that Congress has no business being involved in.

Who and what am I talking about? I am sad to say that I talking about my representative, Congressman Joe Barton.

We are in a recession and a couple of wars, Congress is handing out money like there is no tomorrow, Conservatives are gearing up to offset an Obama Presidency, and this is what my representative wants to focus on.

President-elect Barack Obama isn't the only one who wants to change the way champions in college football are determined.

Obama, who has said he'd like to replace the controversial Bowl Championship Series with an eight-team playoff, was joined in a call for change Wednesday by Rep. Joe Barton of Arlington, a Texas Aggie.

Barton said he's introducing a bill to kill the BCS system, seen by many for years as confusing and unfair.

"College football is more than an exhilarating sport, it's a billion-dollar business," said Barton, R-Arlington. "Despite every effort to fix the problems of the BCS, college seasons still end in sniping and controversy, rather than clear winners and losers determined on the field."
What? Since Congress has gotten away with interfering with professional sports with the headline grabbing steroid hearings, you think you can fiddle with college football?

Please enlighten me Representative Barton, where is it stated in your charter that you have any say in collegiate sports? The BCS is one screwed up mess, so what. Let college football fix it. Why don't you focus on trying to preserve some semblance of free markets and keep your legislative aspirations within the boundaries of the Constitution.


catfish said...

Gads. It's just like the steriods issue as you mentioned. It's a topic that we can all pretend to support (after all, who wouldn't want a playoff system!?) but that has little to no effect on our daily lives.

It's a way to score some "look, I'm doing something!" points without actually ever having to do anything.

I think the turn of phrase "fiddling while Rome burns" fits here perfectly.

When a vast majority of the American populace does not want a bailout for the mortgage industry, and the vast majority does not want a bailout for the auto industry, and they do it anyway.... Where's that leave us?

Anonymous said...

The vast majority also want the borders secured. You see how far that went.Two Border Patrolman and a deputy sheriff in prison.

Anonymous said...

The only way they will listen to the voters is if we start booting them out the door on election day. If we dont do our part, they sure as hell arent gonna do theirs.