Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I Open Up My...

...Yahoo Mail to find this in the news links:

Just where does Obama see this $850 Billion coming from? Is this money coming from a surplus built up by cutting the federal budget and increasing revenue through pro-active economic policies that support expansion of the free market? Ummm.... No.

The United States is currently over 10 Trillion dollars in debt. As a matter of fact, our national debt is -


That is one heck of a lot of zeros. I just got back from mailing off Christmas presents to our out of state grandchildren, the same children whose shoulders will carry this debt. The Greatest Generation made sacrifices so that their children and grandchildren could live better lives. It seems our generation is sacrificing our children's future so we can live better lives.

Where is this money coming from? Are we just going to print it? Borrow it from the Chinese? How about the UAE? They have lots of cash on hand. This reckless spending has got to stop, and it has got to stop right now. We can recover, heck we can flourish without any more bail outs. We need to get back into the "America First" mindset and we need to promote the fact that this country can do anything it sets it's mind to.

Here is the JR economic recovery plan, take it for what it is worth.

The first thing we have to do is come to a consensus on the fact that wealth is not created by printing money. All printing more money does is decrease the value of the notes printed. Financial markets do not create wealth. They move wealth around, and some individuals may become wealthy, but no actual wealth is created. A service industry does not create wealth. Again, certain individuals or companies may become wealthy in the service industry, but that wealth was derived elsewhere. Wealth is created by producing products that people want to purchase. These products are produced from raw materials, and production takes energy.

The United States needs to become energy independent. We need to pump our own oil out of the earth, we need to build dozens of nuclear power plants and even some trash burning power plants, and we need to take a good hard look at viable alternative energy sources. We need to produce inexpensive energy. Reduced energy costs will free up capitol that can be used to expand production of goods. Reduced energy costs will free up consumer capitol that can be spent on goods that are manufactured by American owned companies.

Next we need to take the shackles off of American manufacturing. Many billions of dollars are spent each year on regulatory compliance by American manufactures, and more regulations are introduced all the time. We are regulating our industry out of business and our nation's wealth depends on industry. We can produce the goods that the world desires, and we can do it better than anyone else.

Printing more money will not solve our economic woes, it will just burden our children further with our debt. We need to demand that our representatives look to another avenue for creating national wealth, an avenue such as letting loose the hounds of industry (sorry, I couldn't help myself there).


TexasFred said...

Bush doesn't have the balls OR the smarts...

Obama is a bigger dipshit than Bush...

We are SO screwed...

alan said...

To produce cheaper energy would require regulatory changes that I just don't see happening.

Ditto manufacturing. SOX has killed the creation of new companies and the tax environment forces production overseas.

All I can say is get ready for 70s style stagflation.

Mulligan said...

here's where the money is coming from:
Obama Money