Friday, December 26, 2008

Notes From the Sidebar

I am getting caught up on my after Christmas reading and thought I would share some of the good stuff that others have posted over the past few days:

Syd has recorded another excellent podcast.

This one covers "Stopping Power, 2008 Retrospective, If DC Defies Supreme Court, Plaxico Burress, and CCW in National Parks".

Murdoc covers the Double Tap Airsoft Exercise and a Weapons Shakedown at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, South Carolina.

FireHand has a bit to say with I know, it's the day before Christmas, good feelings and all...

Torrance reminds us that it is the simple things that matter with pity the fool .

RideFast comments on Our erstwhile allies - the hunter media.

Rustmeister celebrates a Blogiversary and shares Christmas at Arlington.

Mike pulls up an old essay by Brian Puckett, "We Will Not Disarm".

LawDog gives his readers a Christmas gift, A Classic LawDog File.

D. Martyn notes that in the war on terror, Pakistan is Raising the Stakes by a Few Notches.

Kevin's Quote of the Day is worth revisiting.

Speaking of "Quotes of the day", Joe has one from the ignorant.

David comments on the future of his Gun Rights Examiner column and has a simple request for those of us who find value in what he writes.

USCitizen posts images from A Day at the Range. I am jealous.

Tam shares her plan for World Peace.

John wishes us a Merry Christmas from Okinawa.


Last but not in any way least...

Xavier offers up his two cents on The Kolpin Rangetector Range Bag and comments on Knives at a Gunfight.

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