Thursday, December 18, 2008

Land Commissioner Patterson announces intentions in U.S. Senate race

Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson is one of my favorite politicians of all time. He is one of the few that I would really enjoy having over to the house for some Barbecue and a beer.

When Kay Bailey announced that she would most likely be running for Governor, I had hoped that Jerry would get involved in the Senate race for her seat.

Today he made it official.

From the Dallas Morning News Trail Blazers Blog:

By Karen Brooks

(AUSTIN) The latest in a long line of officeholders announcing their intentions to seek the U.S. Senate seat that might be vacated by Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison in her run for Governor, Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson today made his decision public.

"After a great deal of consideration, and much soul-searching, I am today formally announcing my intention to join many of my fellow elected officials and not seek the U.S. Senate seat," said Patterson. "I have been urged by many of my fellow Texans to seek this seat . . actually only a few Texans . . . truthfully just a couple members of my staff and a few other officeholders who want my job . . . so I'll sit this one out."
See why I like him so much?

Patterson continues:

"I will form an unexploratory committee to be sure," said Patterson, " but my heart tells me that I am deeply ambivalent about being a U.S. Senator."

"After all," said Patterson "I don't want to share statewide office with anyone, and D.C. is a tough commute for my thirty-year-old single-engine fabric-covered aerobatic airplane."

Despite the recent D.C. vs. Heller case before the Supreme Court that ruled Washington's prohibition against handguns was unconstitutional, Patterson said he could not live in the Nation's Capital. Patterson is author of the Texas Concealed Handgun Law and a known gun advocate.

"Just like Johnny Cash, I'd definitely take my guns to town," Patterson said. "Living in D.C. would be tough only because of the lack of gun ranges and available ammunition."

Paraphrasing his quote from a recent West Texas land controversy, Patterson added "No guns, no hunting, no Senate."
Head on over and read the rest, it will give you a chuckle.

Update: How the heck did DirtCrashr (from the Peoples Republik of Kalifornication) get a comment in the DMN before I did?

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