Monday, December 29, 2008

Home Invaders Get More...

...than they bargained for.

Fits reports that a Florida Man Shoots Home Invader:

"Charles Johnson is a man of his word.

On Oct. 4, 1936, then 19, Johnson promised to love and protect his bride, Berlie Mae.

On Tuesday, he did.

Now 91, he scared off two home invaders with his 38-caliber revolver when the men threatened his wife of 72 years at their home east of Ocoee.

"I was going to kill him either way," the retired jack-of-all-trades said Wednesday. "She's all I've got to live for . . . Why would I want to live?"
You are going to have to head on over here to read how this 91 year old man protected his wife from these goblins, it is a great story for us all.

I will give you the money quote though, it is that good.
We want to get a message out to other people. Be prepared. Keep your doors locked. And be alert."

His wife added, "And have a gun ready."
Listen to your elders.


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