Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Texas Tales

From the Graham Leader:

By Mike Cox

...At some point, Bill Wharton’s long, interesting life moved someone to poetry. Whether that someone was Panhandle artist H.D. Bugbee, who published the poem in 1960, or whether someone else penned the poem is yet to be discovered.

No matter who wrote it, Bugbee featured the poem along with a pen-and-ink sketch of Wharton in a small booklet printed by Clarendon Press, “Bill Wharton or an Example of Early Hill Country Diplomacy.” Today the small piece about Wharton, his propensity to go around heeled and an understanding county sheriff is quite collectible and quite scarce.

Though no mention is made in the poem of the Second Amendment and the right to keep and bear arms it guarantees, old Bill seems to have been one of those types who didn’t feel properly dressed without a pistol hanging on his side.
Go here to read the poem and maybe learn a bit about Texas history.

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