Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Car Wash

The car wash is right down the road from your house. It's well lit and on a busy street. You've had a long week and it will only take a few moments to get the road dirt off your car. It will be quick, no reason to carry. Heck, you have washed your car there dozens of times before without any trouble at all. Why should this night be any different.

From the Star Telegram:

They caught the goblins who killed this man. That is what the police do, try to catch folks who commit crime. Preventing crime? Now that's another story. If a goblin decides to make you a target, the only person you can count on to try and stop him is you. Carry all the time. As Breda so aptly put it, "Carry your gun - it's a lighter burden than regret"

Deanna Boyd reports on the capture of the goblins.

FORT WORTH -- A pair of 28-year-old twins are behind bars today in connection with the robbery and fatal shooting of a man at a Fort Worth car wash last month...

...Thornton said investigators believe Ryan was targeted at random. He said it is unknown whether the men had driven to the store with the intent of trying to rob someone or whether it was an afterthought once they saw Ryan.
Just a random bit of the ol' ultra-violence. The antis would have us all become disarmed prey for these goblins. Gun control, in all of it's varied aspects, does nothing more than render the law abiding defenseless and at the mercy of the ruthless.

Do yourself a favor. Learn the best ways to avoid becoming a target, and learn how to defend yourself in the event that you do.


TexasFred said...

Goblins... Indeed!!

Concerned Citizen said...


Have you been watching and promoting this?

If not, it seems right up your alley and I think you viewers would love to know it.

John R said...

Thanks for the comment CC. I have been advocating for open carry in Texas for awhile now, but more links and reminders are always a good thing.

I like that image of the CZ on your site, did you take it?

Concerned Citizen said...

Nah. I hijacked it from a gun site, I will admit. :)

I don't own a CZ, carry an H&K USP .40 Compact myself. My father had owned one for a while and I just love the way they look. So when I saw the picture I had to snag it. :)