Monday, March 16, 2009

Employer Parking Lot Bill is...

...scheduled for public hearing tomorrow. On Tuesday, March 17th, the Senate Committee on Criminal Justice will hear SB 730 by Senator Glenn Hegar (R-Katy). SB 730 allows the legal possession of firearms and ammunition in an employee's personal locked vehicle when parked on the employer's parking lot.

This is a bill that we need to support. Call your Texas State Senator tomorrow and urge them to support SB 730. There is absolutely no way that I can get out of work tomorrow to testify at the committee meeting, or else I would be there. Hopefully when its House companion bill, HB 1301, is scheduled for a hearing I will be able to make it.

Here is the phone number for the clerk of the Senate Criminal Justice Committee: (512) 463-0345. Give Vanessa Valdez a call and let her know that we would like the committee to send this bill on as written.

The members of the Senate Criminal Justice Committee are:

Sen. John Whitmire

Vice Chair:
Sen. Kel Seliger

Sen. John Carona
Sen. Rodney Ellis
Sen. Glenn Hegar
Sen. Juan Hinojosa
Sen. Dan Patrick

After you contact your Texas State Senator, it might not be a bad idea to give the members of the committee a call.

You can look here for talking points in support of this bill if you would like.

This is important, call your Texas State Senator tomorrow morning. Better yet, FAX them this evening and follow up with a morning phone call.


Tim Covington said...

I can quite happily say I have a letter from State Senator Carona saying he supports the legislation. So, if you call him, thank him.

JT said...

To State Sen. Carlos Uresti (D-San Antonio):

SB 730 is a worthwhile bill that protects Texans' Second Amendment-guaranteed rights of self-defense. It's a common-sense companion to the Castle Doctrine bills that already establish that a Texan's home is his castle, and that his private automobile is an extension of his home, and is to be kept secure from outside meddling.

An employer's parking lot is not private property, as it is subject to numerous federal, state, county, and city ordinances as well as OSHA regulations and others. As such, employers have no right to dictate what contents are kept in the locked privately-owned vehicles parked there by their employees and customers.

Thank you in advance for your support for SB 730.


W W Woodward said...

Senator Robert Duncan, District 28, will not commit says he's not sure the bill's a good idea.

Folks in Senator Duncan's district need to let him know how we feel about this bill. Urge him to support it.

Anonymous said...

Re: ..... Senator Robert Duncan, District 28, will not commit says he's not sure the bill's a good idea.

Maybe it time for Senator Robert Duncan , to give up his Senate seat" He like a Great many others in the House And Senate ... Forget They are THERE" To Guarantee our 2 nd. Amendment Rights" .... Not" to please Them Self`s as they see fit..... How long will the people of this Nation , sit back and be Stomped on by people like Robert Duncan ". We the People Will Never Have Our Right`s Guaranteed , as long as people like him are seated in the House ! ...Dallasbugman

Anonymous said...

Senator Robert Duncan , It`s about the employer doing what`s RIGHT"... Being Fair" Making Sure There well Taken Care Of. Your employes And there familys , as well as Your" Customers . A lot of you business people have fotgoten about Your People " Your employes and Customers Are Deadacated .... Those People ARE Your Co. Without them You Are Nothing , and doomed to fail .