Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy Gun Appreciation Day

This is the gun in my safe that I appreciate the most. It is my Grandfathers Winchester Model 94 - 30 WCF.

It is not the best picture, but it is an awesome rifle. My Grand Dad, William Wallace Cook, carried this rifle in a scabbard when he was a ranch hand in Montana and California. It was in the cab of his Combine when he followed the wheat, and it was his go-to gun if ever needed to defend home and family. This is one of our family heirlooms that I will pass down to my kids and grand kids. One day, when I have the extra cash laying around, I will send this rifle off to Turnbull Manufacturing for a full restoration.  A Turnbull full restoration is a good chunk of change, but well worth it for an heirloom firearm.

I want to be the one who determines who I pass my family heirlooms off to.  It does not matter if that heirloom is my Great Grandmothers knot work, my Grandfathers Model 94, my favorite tools, or even an AR15 that I happen to find special.  The .gov has no business interfering in my decisions about who I leave my private property to.  When you hear Obama and the Anti's talking about Universal Background Checks or Closing the Gun Show Loophole, they are talking about inserting the .gov into the transfer of private property between two free citizens.  The Death Tax has all but killed off the successful family farmer, and a universal background check will break the tradition of passing down family heirlooms for many families.

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