Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Police Departments Affected by Ammo Shortage

The ammo shortage is starting to affect some of the smaller police departments.  Erin Jones of KTEN reports:

Local Texas Law Enforcement Affected By Guns and Ammo Shortage

..."Last week one of the largest distributors of ammunition stated that they've sold the same amounts in the last two days as they've sold in the past seven years," Van Alstyne Chief of Police Tim Barnes said.
This news falls in line with what my normal ammo retailers have been telling me.  The pipeline is once again empty.  This looks to be even worse than the ammo drought when Obama was first elected, and the recovery will probably take even more time:
It's kind of a perfect storm. In the past 20 years there's never been an issue of getting ammunition. In times past we would place an order and it would be in within two to three weeks," Barnes said.

Right now suppliers are telling the Van Alstyne Police Department orders could take up to a year to ship...
A year for the LEO"s to get their ammunition orders delivered means that pipeline is pretty dry.  When people started buying up the AR's a friend purchased the last one Cheaper Than Dirt had at the time, the only problem was he could find no ammo.  I loaned him a couple hundred rounds and he has not been able to find any to repay me.  A couple hundred rounds is not really that big a deal, but the way things are going now I doubt I'll be able to do the same again any time soon.  Maybe when things settle down a bit folks will start needing some cash and some of that ammo in closets will end up back on the market.


Chaplain Tim said...

A good friend bought an AR last week. He's prior service and familiar with the AR15/M4, but never needed a varmint rifle. A few of us pitched in and got him a birthday present of mags, cleaning kit, and ammo to get started. He's part of the "tribe" and has skills other than shooting, so we won't worry about getting paid back for what we could afford to gift him. There are a lot of people around that I will help as I can, but things are getting tight in more ways than one.

Richard said...

Yeah, ammo is tough to find for everyone. I talked to a few trainers out at the SHOT Show who said their biggest hurdle was finding ammo for their students to shoot in class.

When you are running a 500-1000 round class, getting the ammo may be the biggest obstacle to getting people in the seats. No one seemed to have an easy solution.