Sunday, January 20, 2013

Notes From the Sidebar

Links to a few posts from my friends on the sidebar.

John over at the Texican Tattler has comments about all the Rantin' and Ravin'! going on during this latest episode of the gun control debate.

The Firearm Blog  Shows us the new KRISS Multi-Caliber K-10.  I am a very big fan of the KRISS and am looking for a way to get one into my safe so new news from KRISS is always interesting to me.

Old NFO asks Did anybody else see this one???  He is talking about H.R. 226, a bill - To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to allow a credit against tax for surrendering to authorities certain assault weapons. First I've heard of it also.

Peter, the Bayou Renaissance Man, has an excellent commentary on The struggle for gun rights - and for America.  In this article Peter points out that "Unfortunately, our opponents flatly disagree with Mr. Adams, and with us.  To them, the Bill of Rights is not only fully negotiable;  it's actually irrelevant in terms of politics.  It's an anachronism, something out of the past like the dinosaurs - and just as dead.  This is precisely why they proclaim, loudly and frequently, that the Constitution is a 'living document', to be reinterpreted according to the understanding of the modern world rather than cast in stone.  That also means they don't need to go to all the trouble of generating a Constitutional amendment, and having it approved - they can simply alter the way they understand and apply the document." Head on over and read the rest of his commentary, it is well worth your time.

Brigid shares thoughts and a story in Tools that Bind, Tools that Free

My old friend Fits makes me want to break out the prints for the .22 Gatling gun I've always wanted to build with his story from San Juan Hill, Arms In Battle: The Gatling.

Tam shares a poem and some solid comments on mandatory background checks in
It's Fun Show Time!

Because YOU are reading THIS is an empowering essay on truth and freedom found over at To Which I Replied.

The LawDog answers A question from a Gentle Reader: "And yet these sorts of atrocities are happening more and more. What is currently being proposed seems like over reaction on both the anti and pro gun sides, but what would you suggest?" You will just have to head on over if you want to read LawDog's answer.  What, you haven't clicked the link yet?

Mike notes that Obama's Gun Control Orders Ignore Larger Problem of Gang Violence.

Torrance highlights Obama's next drone war with Gold Digging: Will Mali be Obama’s Afghanistan? A well researched and written glimpse of what's next in the War on Terror.   The above is just a taste of some of the great information you can find by browsing the links on the sidebar.


southtexaspistolero said...

I'm a bit late to the welcome back party, dude, but it's good to see you back. (I used to blog at Live from the (upper) Texas Gulf Coast, but now I am at the link you get to by clicking my name.)

John R said...

Thanks for the welcome back. I've added your new digs to the sidebar.