Friday, January 18, 2013

What's With all the Hammer Violence?

Hammer violence seems to be becoming an epidemic these days.

From The Smoking Gun: Run On Guns Has Now Forced Poor Robbers To Stick Up Banks At Hammerpoint

And also locally via NBC 5: Robber Beats Dallas Clerk With Several Hammers

It shouldn't be long before the White House directs the CDC to study the causes and effects of hammer violence and asks our doctors to quiz us on how many hammers we own and exactly where we keep them.  Anyone can walk into pretty much any general merchandise store in the country and purchase a hammer without even having to show ID or proof of age.  Hammers are everywhere.  I haven't seen any studies, but from my own experience I can pretty much deduce that most households in America own at least one hammer.  What are we to do?

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