Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Thoughts From Today's Anti-Gun Proposals From Our President

Took an earlyish lunch at work today and watched the Dog and Pony show put on by the Obama/Biden public relations team.  I have to hand it to President Obama, he sure can speechify when he wants to.  Hair was tented the proper shade of grey to portray the fatherly image, face well made up and properly stern looking for the occasion, and all the appropriate props for such a momentous occasion. Yes, this was a momentous occasion.  The President of these United States asked us to forgo our natural right to self defense.  He basically demanded that we give up the most efficient tools available to defend ourselves, our families and our property.  Obama said over and over again that this was just "common sense" and that we needed to "do it for the children".  Hell, he even brought out the old "if it saves just one life" bit.  The teleprompter failed at providing new material.  You would think that the PR firm that did such a good job of setting the stage could have come up with something new.

So what did our President propose today?  Like I said, the same old BS.  Obama called for a new and improved Assault Weapon Ban and limitations on magazine capacity.  I left my notes at work so don't have his exact words handy but he said something along the lines of "...weapons that belong in the theater of war do not belong in a movie theater."  Like I said, I don't have my notes but that is close enough.  I tell you what, if you sent our military into battle with AR15's, they might be a little pissed.  Outgunned and pissed.  We keep beating this drum, and the media keeps ignoring us.  AR15's and the civilian versions of all other military style firearms are just that, civilian versions.  Look alike guns that function the same as any other semi-auto firearm out there.  AR15's are neat because you can personalize them like the old Chevy 327.  Everyone makes aftermarket parts for the AR15.  Why are so many aftermarket parts available?  Because the rifle is so popular.  The detachable magazine makes it a very efficient life, home and property defence weapon.  Not so easy to truly master, but easy enough to become handy with.  Our President also wants to limit magazine capacity to 10 or less rounds.  I do believe that pretty much every modern day semi-auto handgun, with the exception of a few "slim" models, smaller than .45ACP comes standard with magazines with greater than a 10 round capacity.  Why is that?  Well it is for the same reason that our police forces like to carry smaller caliber handguns with higher capacity, more available firepower = more chances that you will survive a gun fight.  Magazine limitation laws will not stop violent crime.  There are literally 10s of millions of standard capacity magazines in circulation right now.  Criminalizing these magazines will only transfer a large number of them into the hands of criminals, and reduce the ability of the law abiding to defend themselves.

Next on the list is the call to criminalize the private sale of firearms.  One of the tenants that Americans hold dearest is our right to private property.  I have firearms that have been in my family for three generations.  I want to choose who I leave these heirlooms to.  I am a free citizen of these United States.  If I choose to sell a firearm to a friend, it is no business of the .gov.  At one time I held a Top Secret security clearance.  I have had several FBI background checks for both civilian work and for my Texas CHL.  That really does not matter because as a citizen, I have the right to dispose of my private property as I wish.  The criminal element will ignore magazine limitations just as they ignore all laws.  I do believe that many current law abiding citizens will become criminals with the stroke of a pen if this type of legislation ever became law.

The last bit of legislation that I recall Obama demanding is a strengthening of laws against straw purchases (someone purchasing a gun for someone who can not pass a background check).  The laws we currently have on the books are pretty onerous, but they can be improved.  The only problem is that they are not often enforced.  I also find it very ironic that the same Administration and Justice Department that facilitated the transfer of well over 2000 of the exact same guns that they want to ban to the ultra violent Mexican Drug Gangs fairly ironic.  Seriously folks, the Fast and Furious program that was instituted by the Justice Department resulted in the deaths of over 300 Mexican citizens.  These guns were used to kill kids, beauty pageant winners, civil authorities and an American Border Patrol Agent or two.  The criminals who did this are going to lecture me about gun laws?  I don't think so.

We also learned today that the inferred 19 Executive Orders to be signed by Obama became 23.  On a positive note, these EO's were not nearly as onerous as what was leaked via trial balloon the past few days before this presser.  I promised a friend that I would comment on the EO's this evening, but I do owe my lovely wife some time.  Also, there are some very good thoughts on these issues here, here and more on my sidebar.  The only thing I can add is on EO 15 - Direct the Attorney General to issue a report on the availability and most effective use of new gun safety technologies and challenge the private sector to develop innovative technologies. Look for a push to require smart gun technology and micro-stamping. Two horrid ideas that I will Fisk when they pop up.

You know what you have to do.  Contact your Congress Critter and give them the support they need to oppose this legislation. Do it today.  Obama did a good job of calling out the Anti's during this midday event.  We have to do a better job of countering both the Administration and the Media.

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dennis said...

we are a truly spoiled society that cannot remember the prices that were paid to get us here. one day we will be forced to remember.