Saturday, January 26, 2013

Senator Coburn Working With Anti Gun Democrats

Senator Tom Coburn, Republican from Oklahoma, is working with the Anti's on the first piece of anti gun rights legislation to hit the Senate. 
Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) is working with Democratic senators on a bill that would mandate background checks for all gun buyers, with some limited exceptions.
Ed O'Keefe has posted in the Washington Post that "Tom Coburn talking with Democrats about background check bill"  One of the Dems that Senator Coburn is working with is Chuck Schumer, a rabid Anti.

This is what I have been afraid of from the start of this latest assault on the Second Amendment, the compromise that gets passed instead of the Big Bad Bill that everyone is fighting against.  A bill like this gives Congress Critters who allegedly support our rights an idea that they can pass something that won't piss us off too awful much, and make the Anti's happy that the next goal of their agenda has been achieved.

The article quotes Sen. Coburn as saying:
"If you transfer your car, you have to have a license to transfer, it has to go through that. That’s a responsibility of freedom. I have no problems with us making sure that we don’t allow guns to get in the hands of either felons, or people who are a danger to themselves or other people. … I’m willing to work with Manchin and Schumer on that, and going to.”

First, there is no innate human right to own a car.  Second, what is he talking about needing a license to transfer a car?  Are these politicians really that ignorant of life in America? 

Does anyone really think that requiring law abiding American citizens to go through a background check to transfer a firearm between family and friends will do anything at all to keep firearms out of the hands of violent felons?  Criminals steal guns.  Criminals buy guns from other criminals.  Criminals are kind of known for breaking the law, hence the term criminal and felon.

Mandatory background checks will not keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

Mandatory background checks will prevent someone from purchasing a firearm as a gift for a family member.

Mandatory background checks will do nothing to address violence or the violent.

Mandatory background checks will interfere with the passing down of family heirlooms from on generation to another. 

How many non violent criminals will a mandatory background check law create?  I see a very large swell of civil disobedience as the otherwise law abiding choose to ignore this new law.

And last, but not least, how is the .gov going to enforce this law?  There are 10's of millions of firearms in the hands of American citizens.  In free states, the .gov has no idea who owns what.  Just think for a second of what the .gov will have to do to try and bring us into complience.  At a minimum there will have to be registration.  Inspection will most likely come after registration.  Firearm owners will have to submit to random, unannounced and warrant less searches to ensure they only own the firearms that are in the registry.

Mandatory background checks are going to be portrayed as "reasonable" and "common sense" when they are neither.

Contact Senator Coburn, let him know that we will not abide by any new firearm legislation coming out of the Senate and that we will remember those who actively work against us.

Washington D.C.:

172 Russell Senate Office Bldg.
Washington, DC 20510
Main: 202-224-5754
Fax: 202-224-6008

1800 South Baltimore
Suite 800
Tulsa, OK 74119
Main: 918-581-7651
Fax: 918-581-7195

Oklahoma City:
100 North Broadway
Suite 1820
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
Main: 405-231-4941
Fax: 405-231-5051

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Oh, uuuugggghhh. I seriously expected better from the likes of Tom Coburn.