Friday, February 16, 2007

Firearm Sales/Permits Up

It appears that folks are making the decision to provide for their own security.

In Hawaii, firearm sales are on the rise.

From KPUA AM 670:

HONOLULU (AP) _ Hawaii firearm permit applications jumped 27 percent to hit a record high in 2005. That's the latest year for which data is available.

Gun retailers say more people have been seeking to own guns amid the surge in crystal methamphetamine related crimes.
Too bad that a citizen is not allowed to actually carry a firearm for protection in Hawaii. Perhaps with all these new owners, the laws can be changed.

In Florida, a state where a citizen is afforded their legal right to protect themselves, licenses to carry concealed firearms are also on the increase.

From Local 6

ORLANDO, Fla. -- More Central Floridians are packing heat, according to a Local 6 News report.

Officials told Local 6 News that the increase in concealed-weapons permits is connected to the increase in violent crime over the past 18 months.

Concealed-weapons permits have doubled in Orange County since 2005, according to officials.

One expert who works at a Central Florida gun range said that she's personally seen a 20 to 30 percent increase in people obtaining permits to carry a firearm, a third of which are women.
More women carrying a firearm is a very good thing for women, and a very bad thing for rapist and other assorted goblins and evil doers.

I do have one question for Fits though:

Purchasing a gun in Florida takes about three business days...
Florida has a waiting period? What the heck is up with that?

This increase in firearms sales is a good thing, no matter what the anti's say (I read an article yesterday about how the increase in legal firearm sales in HI would increase the number of goblins with guns because the goblins would end up stealing them). If you are a new gun owner, remember that it is your responsibility to become proficient in the safe handling of that firearm. For some tips on firearm safety, go here. To become proficient with your firearm, go to your local range, talk with the folks who are there, and shoot. Then shoot some more.


Anonymous said...

Well, for CCW holders there is no wait, but yes it's an annoying 3 day thing.

When I bought my Glock 29, I didn't have my CCW at the time. I showed up, asked about the firearm, and was told they didn't have it in stock. However, because I had expressed interest in the firearm, the "3 day wait" started at that point. It was moot because it took 5 days to get it in stock, but at least there's a little logic there.

Outside of no open carry (which I think should be a prerequisite for any CCW state!), The Gunshine state is very amenable to us second amendment rights. For example, my permit was taking a looong time. I wrote my state representatives complaining.

The Commissioner's office called me directly to explain what was going on and magically my permit showed up 3 days later. The Commissioner is very pro-gun and encourages people to carry. The laws aren't all convoluted either. You can practically read them to your kids, they're so straightforward.

Plus, I have a nice tan year round.

Fits said...

rob allen has it correct.There is a 3 day waiting period if one does not have a CWP, and I'd be happy to explain why in an email.

Going the electronic fingerprint route is the only way to travel. My permit arrived in 7 working days, and if you contact them very nice people will communicate back to you as to the status of your application.

From printing to carrying, the process is painless and the folks involved are cheerful and helpful.

John R said...

Sounds like an efficient system for getting the CHL, faster than here in TX.

Can you do private firearm transactions with out going through an ffl?

Fits said...

Yes. Private owner to private owner takes nothing more than a transfer of money and gun.