Thursday, February 22, 2007

Just Another Night on the Town?

From the Star Telegram:


FORT WORTH -- Two people were in custody early Thursday after choosing the wrong robbery target, police said.

The robbers pulled a gun on a police officer returning home after her shift and tried to steal her car, said Lt. Dean Sullivan, a Fort Worth police spokesman.

The officer fired at the men and they fled, then crashed another vehicle, which they apparently had stolen earlier after robbing a service station, Sullivan said.
So, the goblins robbed a service station, stole a car and attempted another robbery? Just another night on the town?

Well, it is a good thing for them that their final target was an off duty officer, if it had been a CHL holder, this would probably be another "dead goblin/righteous shooting" post.

What was the officer doing when this incident occurred?

Fox 4 reported that the officer was filling up her car at a service station when the robbers pulled a gun on her.
0300 may not be the opportune time for anyone, let alone a female, to be stopping at a gas station. The 24 hour stop and robs are the prime target for goblins in this neck of the woods, and a woman by herself makes it even more inviting. If you do have to fuel up at an inopportune time, be extra aware of your surroundings (as it appears this officer was) so that you can react to any developing situation. Being armed, and trained, gives you more latitude in how you react. If the officer were what the goblins expected, a lone and unarmed woman, this story would have a much different ending.

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Fits said...

As usual, the reporting stinks. Apparently, they sort of got the drop on her from which she turned the tables. Were both of them armed? How many shots did she fire? Did any land? Guess not because there's no mention of a hospital. Good deal that she survived but how does one open fire at close range and not hit a damned thing. She was in her civvies, right? Why should we have to ask so many questions?