Monday, February 12, 2007

We're the Only Ones Road Raging Enough!

Let's say that you or I were in a hurry during rush hour. Let us also say that we were getting a bit irritated at the pace of traffic. What would happen if we pulled a firearm and aimed it at the drive of the car ahead of us? If we happened to rear end that car and cause an accident, what would happen to us if we walked up to the drivers side of the vehicle and tapped on the window with our drawn firearm? If we pointed that firearm at the driver and told them we could "shoot them if we felt like it", would we be sitting at home in front of the computer right now? I doubt it, unless of course we were one of the "only ones".

From WSLS News Channel 10:

By Dawn Jefferies

Driving sixty in the left lane, Destinee says another car tailed her. "I looked behind me and he had a gun pointed over the steering wheel," she said. "At that point I just panicked."

Destinee panicked and hit the brakes. The volkswagen she says tailed her, had now hit her.

The driver got out and knocked on her window, only Destinee says he knocked with the barrel of a gun and said he was a cop. She was already on the phone with 911. "He said I'm a police officer. I said a police officer just rear ended me, I think, I thought that seemed to make him mad."

Both teens say the out of state cop became more frustrated. "He said I could shoot you right now if I wanted."
That is one unstable cop off the streets, right?

The suspect, Eric Cmeyla, a 41-year-old Greenville, South Carolina police officer in training was released. He's charged with two counts of brandishing a firearm. He joined the department less than six months ago and spent just under six years with DC police before then. He's on 5-days paid suspension.
No having to post bail, just five days with pay while they sort it all out. What ever happened to "equal protection under the law"?

I am sure that this officer will end up getting fired, I just wonder why he is being treated any differently than any other citizen who pulled a firearm on an individual out of road rage?

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me said...

at least the comments reflect that all of society hasn't gone crazy, yet.

Paid leave? how about unpaid dismissal. Not only did he break driving laws, assured clear distance, failure to maintain control, reckless op (only one hand on the wheel) but I can just imagine all the gun law violations he racked up...that is, if he weren't an only one. Terrorism charges sound good too.

An ex-DC cop, used to not dealing with law abiding folks with guns.