Sunday, February 11, 2007

News From Up North

I don't usually do much with news from Canada or other countries. They are not America, they have a different culture, and in countries like England, they are subjects, not free citizens.

But Canada is close at hand, and the anti's would very much like for the United States to have anti gun laws similar to the ones in Canada.

So here are two articles from over the weekend that should give you pause.

From the Victoria Times-Colonist:

Sales of this gun (Beretta CX4 Storm in 9mm) nearly tripled after it was used in the Dawson College shooting

And from the National Post:

(AR 15's)

One thing I find interesting about these two articles is the amount of information that they have concerning firearm owners in Canada. If the anti's have their way and make these two models of firearms totally illegal, instead of just classified as restricted firearms, it will be quite easy to collect them. If you do not think this can happen in the United States, just look to California or Cook County Illinois. In Canada, they are attempting to make all semi-automatic rifles illegal.

At its leadership convention in Montreal in December, Liberal party delegates passed a resolution proposing that "semi-automatic weapons be classified as illegal weapons."
If that law were passed, would that be enough for the anti's? No, the train would just keep on rolling. Next would be semi-auto pistols, then magazine fed bolt actions, then any firearm.

A new federal assault weapon ban is on the horizon. If you own a firearm, and agree with an AWB, just remember that today it is my AR15 that they are after, tomorrow it will be your Ranch Rifle or Browning BAR.

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